Donald J. Cyphers, Convicted Felon, and "suspected" Con Man from should not be trusted!

About Donald J. Cyphers and The Montana News

This is the kind of content you will read if you visit It all sounds great doesn’t it. And it may all be true.

 “Since founding the Montana News in 2000, Donald Cyphers has attracted over 180 news affiliates, including American Free Press and Agape Press.Donald Cyphers’ zeal for living is based on his Christian faith.   His charismatic personality puts people at ease, and for those who are his close personal friends, you will find that they have nothing but high regard for his ethics and honesty.  Brandishing his trademark smile and with a twinkle in his eyes, he will be quick, to tell you about his love for Yahweh.”

However, beginning in 1999 when Donald pleaded guilty to two Felony Charges for taking money while representing himself as an attorney (which he is not) we begin to find out the real truth about Donald J. Cyphers

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