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1861 In 2020: The Second Amendment Sanctuary Interstate Compact

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By: Marc Kelley
Syndicated by: Montana News
Anyone who tells you, the election of 2020 represents the end of Donald Trump and the movement he created, needs to put their bong down, stop watching CNN, pick up a history book, and take an honest look at the reality unfolding right before their eyes. Elections are not simply about who got how many votes; but rather, legitimate elections hinge upon two unique factors. The first, do the people have confidence in the process, and the second, has a consensus of the people been reached. Without the confidence and consensus of the people, an election has no meaning, and ultimately, bring about conflict. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected after a bitterly hard fought battle, winning the election, with less than 39.8% of the popular vote. With Lincoln’s election, cries of outrage were heard across our country, and within only a few days, declarations of secession from the United States were enacted by seven Southern states. In February 1861, these seven Southern states, formed the Confederate States of America, elected Jefferson Davis as their President, and forged the armor, for a war over states rights.

It is no secret, the loony left and their Marxist hit squads, have no intention of lifting a finger, to help heal our country; or, try to find the common ground necessary for the greater good. Believing their loss of seats in the House of Representatives came by the hands of these radical Marxist’s, many Blue Dog Democrats are now quietly saying, their window of opportunity, like their power, may well be short lived.

The stark similarities between the reaction of the people to the election of 1860, and the election of 2020, are far to analogous to be simply dismissed, as yet another conspiracy theory, dreamed up by the seventy-one million Americans who voted for Trump. Regardless of your position on election fraud, the belief that politicians, are in and of themselves, corrupt, self-serving, autocrats, has garnered widespread consensus. Having lived through a year of suffering and enduring multiple infringements upon our civil liberties, the people of our country are reaching the end of their rope. While the lefties do their best to re-write history, and poison our children’s minds by teaching the 1619 Project, many other Americans have learned the lessons brought about the US Civil War. When people feel their backs are against the wall, believing they have suffered injustices by the hands of the political ruling class, they will fight, and they will fight to their very last measure, in order to right the wrongs of neglect, oppression, and deceit. Perhaps if the anarchists and Marxists would have taken the time to learn about the monuments they tore down, or consider the lessons they represented, we would not now, find ourselves teetering on the precipice of political nihilism.

In early February, 2020, after witnessing the violence play out in many of our major cities, and in anticipation of what many believed would be the beginning of a long string of government infringement’s upon our civil liberties under the guise of Covid-19, Mississippi Lawmakers began drafting legislation intended to restrain federal intervention in matters of states rights. Mississippi House Bill # 753, known as the Second Amendment Sanctuary Interstate Compact, was introduced on the floor of the Mississippi State Legislature. Seven, Republication members of the Mississippi House, cosponsored HB #753, which would act as a roadmap, to form a compact of nine Southern states. Once formed, these nine states would declare their right to establish protections for, and exempt certain firearms from the reach of Federal Law. Immediately, cries of despair were heard from the gun grabbers, alleging, the states could not create this legislation, because it was in fact, prohibited by Federal Law. This argument, is yet another perfect example, of the circular thinking which has become a mainstay of the liberal mindset and begs the questions, did the Northern states make this argument against secession in 1860, and if they did, how well did it workout? 

HB #753, is a direct result of statements made by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as they campaigned in 2019. While Biden tells, us he will appoint, the self-indulgent, “Beto” O’Rourke, as his “gun czar”, and task him with confiscating all of the AR-15’s and AK-47’s in this country, very little detail on how, just such a confiscation would actually be carried out, has yet to be discussed. On the other hand, Kamala Harris has been very detailed in her plans to eliminate the Second Amendment. The giggling Marxist, is on the record, calling for the creation of a “domestic terrorism task force”, giving law enforcement and family members, of “suspected” white nationalists, the vehicle needed, to not only restrict access to, but outright confiscate the firearms in the possession of their perceived political enemies. Harris’s’ plan would in essence, federalize “red flag” laws across our country and allow firearms to be seized without any due process of law.
Given the fact there is only a very small body of case law concerning red flag laws, this fact should provide very little comfort to lawful gun owners, unjustly targeted by their family, based on their political beliefs. Case in fact, Redding v. Indiana, 2013. The Indiana State Court, found the red flag laws of Indiana, did not violate the right to keep and bear arms, was not unconstitutionally vague, and allowed the 51 firearms which had been confiscated from Robert E. Redding, to remain in the possession of law enforcement. Now, after fighting a six year legal battle against the lower courts ruling, the Indiana State Court of Appeals, overturned the lower courts ruling and Redding’s firearms were ordered to be returned to him. Sadly, the Redding case is just one of many cases currently before state courts across the US.It is expected, the Second Amendment Sanctuary Interstate Compact, will continue to garner support, and be joined by additional states across our nation. As more states join, the inevitable Supreme Court challenge to uphold states rights will become front and center, highlighting the significance of Presidents Trump’s, three, Supreme Court Justice appointments.

The balance of power, now hangs in the hands of the State of Georgia. In January, the last two remaining US Senate seats will be decided. If the Democrats secure both seats, the balance of power in the Senate will be at a 50/50, Democrat / Republican split, leaving the tie breaker vote to the Vice President of the US. Make no mistake, if the Republicans lose the ability to prevent the Democrats from adding justices to the Supreme Court, nothing will stand in the way of the Marxists in eliminating the Second Amendment, and our country will be be faced with the choice, submit….or…. fight, either of which, will be devastating to our people. 

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