About Montana News

For two decades, accomplished journalist Donald Cyphers has represented the Christian right in his role as Editor in Chief of the Montana News. A results-driven business owner, Donald Cyphers expanded the organization from a bi-monthly newspaper to an online daily news source.  Since founding the Montana News in 2000, Donald Cyphers has attracted over 180 news affiliates, including American Free Press and Agape Press.

Characterized by his charismatic leadership and unmatched commitment to justice, Donald Cyphers devotes himself to bringing a unique viewpoint to a public that is saturated with the liberal mainstream news. Donald Cyphers spearheaded a successful effort to bring Israeli Channel 2 News to American viewers, exposing them to a different perspective on issues in the Middle East. Donald Cyphers also strives to make a difference at the local level, where he was instrumental in uncovering the dishonest activities of Billings, Montana’s former Chief of Police, Ron Tussing and former County Attorney Dennis Paxinos’ sex scandal, amoung other breaking news articles.

Over the course of his professional career, Donald Cyphers has worked with a variety of political and legal organizations. Donald Cyphers owns and operates  a Christian national media watchdog company and travels all over the nation on various media case stories.  On a national level he is in high demand, for his ability to discern and render good Biblical wisdom to Christian businesses and groups both poliltical and legal.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Donald Cyphers enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. Donald Cyphers spends his time studing aviation, playing sports, working out, running, and reading the Torah.  Donald Cyphers also advocates for life-long education and is an animal lover.

Donald Cyphers’ zeal for living is based on his Christian faith.   His charismatic personality puts people at ease, and for those who are his close personal friends, you will find that they have nothing but high regard for his ethics and honesty.  Brandishing his trade mark smile and with a twinkle in his eyes, he will be quick, to  tell you about his love for Yahweh. 

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