Another Shooting In The City of Billings: Are The Billings Police Loosing The Battle On Crime? 8 Homicides In Just 11 Weeks

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Syndicated by: Montana News

20-49557 7/6/20 @ 2333 hrs shooting occurred in the 600 block of Samuel Ct. 21 year old male victim was transported to a Billings hospital via AMR with single gunshot wound to chest.


The male victim is currently in critical condition.


The investigation is on-going.   The Billings Police have indicated that their is no threat to the general public.  According to a social media comment on Twitter by Sgt Hoeger.


As of 9:30 a.m. this morning the Montana News verified that the 21-year-old shooting victim succumbed to his injuries and is deceased.



In another social media posting, according to a Twitter comment that was left by Sgt Hoeger, of the Billings Police Department.


20-49588 7/7/20 @ 0345 hrs shots fired reported in the 500 block of S 32nd. 28 year old male transported to hospital via AMR with a head wound which was non-life threatening.


2 male suspects fled on foot/bicycle and not located. Head wound was not a gunshot wound. Sgt Hoeger.   No further information is available at this time since the investigation is still on-going.




The Billings Police Department Chief Rich St. John, wants more money for his department. The Billings public tax payers are at odds with that pipe dream.



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