Billings Justice Court Criminal Case Arraignments

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Judge David Carter presiding

WINTERS, NICOLE – 10/25                                    CTSY WARRANT CR 20-1118

TRAVERSI-UMHOLTZ – 11/15                  FUGITIVE CR 20-1117

CARSTEN, CALEB – 11/15                         NEW MISD CR 20-1115

BERGMAN, JONAH – 11/11                       NEW MISD CR 20-1116

GLENN, COURTNEY – 6/30                       NEW MISD CR 20-1100

HALFORD, JOSHUA – 6/22                                    MISD WARRANT CR 20-498

                                                                        MISD WARRANT TK 20-1965

                                                                        NEW MISD TK 20-4684


STEWART, NICHOLAS                              MISD WARRANT TK 20-3644

KHATRI, ANISSA                                        NEW MISD TK 20-4881

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