Billings Police Chief Rich St. John Covers For His Officers Bad Behavior In The Officer-Involved-Shooting just like he did With The Officer-Involved-Shooting of Richard Ramirez case by Grant Morrison.

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Billings Police seem to have a problem with over reacting and shooting people, many of whom, had no weapons.

Once again under the direction of Billings Police Chief Rich St. John the Billings police department has had a very tumultuous violent history for the size of the city’s population data, and the Billings Police Department tactics once again are being questioned by public.

Chief Police Rich St. John, has major problems with his officers behavior, lying to public, making false allegations against citizens, wrecking their patrol cars into people’s vehicles while paying attention to their onboard computer or on their cell phone….the list is endless.

The shooting incident that happened on Monday evening, took place at 2290 Ave C in Billings. Billings Police are claiming that the victim of the officer involved shooting had a gun, yet have shown no evidence of that gun to the public nor the media.

Billings Police Officers Ryland Nelson and Justin Bickford were placed on administrative leave pending a use-of-force-investigation into the officer involved shooting of the victim.

Neither officer Justin Bickford or officer Ryland Nelson, were wearing body cameras when they shot the 29-year-old man from Box Elder Montana.

According to court records the Box Elder man was on probation and parole from Hill County and according to Hill County authorities was listed as being in violation of his parole agreement.

The whole incident took less that 30 seconds to unfold. Officers were dispatched to what police are classify as a “suspicious activity” call.

Interesting enough, according to Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John, he admits that neither of the 4 Officers knew what the nature of the “suspicious activity” was all about.

In summary,

Two vehicles were parked next to each other in an apartment’s parking lot and one of the vehicles front hood of the engine was open. One of which was determined later as being stolen.

The victim of the police involved shooting, according to witnesses who saw the incident, stated to the Montana News that he was working on his car.

3 individuals were near the parked cars in the apartment’s parking lot. As to the reason as to why they were their or what they were doing, is yet to be revealed in the on-going investigation.

As police officers arrived at the suspicious activity call, 3 individuals were present in the immediate area.

Officer’s attempted to detain the man from Box Elder and conduct a pat down of the individual from Box Elder.

The individual did not refuse to be searched,instead, he just resisted the forceful attempts of being searched by Billings Police Officers.

Words were expelled back and forth between the shooting victim and the Billings Police Officers. Billings Police acted first according to eye witnesses.

A physical altercation took placed causing the Billings Police Officers to force the man to the ground face first.

While on the ground the shooting victim was resisting being handcuffed. One officer deployed his taser to try and subdue the shooting victim but the taser had no effect.

According to Billings police Rich St. John, the shooting victim then pulled out a semi-automatic handgun from his waistband and allegedly pointed it at an officer. Another officer spotted the hand gun and yelled pulling his hand gun along with another officer and both unloaded their magazine into the 29-year-old man from Box Elder.

The police involved shooting victim did not fire his hand gun but what so ever according to eye witnesses but, Officer Nelson and Bickford, did fire multiple rounds emptying out their magazines. The Officer-involved- shooting victim died later at the hospital.

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