Billings Police Ratings

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Syndicated by: Montana News

by Donald Cyphers

Ratings are listed A, B, C, D, and F A)  Top rating.   

An (A +)indicates the Officer is respected by the public they serve and always displays a smile.

B) Secondary to a top rating.

C) Middle Of The Line rating. Could Use Attitude and honesty Improvement Towards The Public

D) Public Complaints Or Observations Of Poor Attitude Towards The Public They Serve.         DON’T TRUST THIS COP.

F) Either A Corrupt Officer Or Officer With Bad Attitude Towards The Public, Or Down Right       Disgrace To The Public Or Has History Of Questionable Actions Towards Those They Serve in The Public.  DON”T TRUST THIS COP.

Ratings CAN change from time to time based on the Officer’s interaction with the public, the media and public’s perception of that Officer and if that Officer has kept their nose clean with no scandals erupting over their bad or questionable behavior or actions toward the public.Don’t be fooled, public perception of the Billings Police is VERY important.   They should be held to a higher standard than the average citizen.
They Are As Follows:Command Chief:   St. John Rich Badge  #105    Rating  ( F ) Command Chief: St. John Rich Badge #105 Rating ( F ) listed as a danger to public safety and well-being. He lies to the public and the media. Public beware. He continually discriminates against minority-owned media.  He is the reason his department is out of control.  Currently Rich St. John got caught telling the POST in an April 3, 2019 typed letter, to back off disciplining his officers and that his officers are above the law.  This man is a THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY,  PUBLIC BEWARE !!
Assistant Chief:      Joel Slade  Badge  #104       Rating  ( A )+


Robert Harper–Patrol Badge  #122                    Rating (A) 

Kevin Iffland –OPS Badge #142                           Rating (F)   listed as a danger to public safety. This Officer quit the Billings Police department and became the Assistant City Administrator. Iffland is still is considered a bad dirty cop now just a dirty Assistant City Administrator.                                                                                                               

Jeremy House    Investigations     Badge #60   Rating (-F)  Jeremy House has been deemed a threat to public safety and is a dirty cop.  Jeremy House is listed as a danger to public safety and well-being. He lies to the public and the media.  He continually discriminates against minority-owned media.   This man is a THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY,  PUBLIC BEWARE !!


Niel Lawrence –Admin  Badge #125        Rating (F)

Mark Cady  Badge #50           Rating (A) +  Lieutenant Mark Cady’s last day was April 12, 2019. Officer Cady was hired with the Billings Police Department in August of 1989. Officer Cady worked his way up through the department by being promoted to Sergeant in 1995, spent some time in Investigations as Detective Sergeant, and then was promoted to Lieutenant in 2006 where he led the day shift until his retirement. During his time, To his credit,  Officer Cady was  involved in Drug Court and  as a Critical Incident Team Leader.  After 30 years of service Lieutenant Mark Cady retired  maintaining a continual  (A) + rating his whole entire career.  Mark Cady was truly one of the good guys

Brian Korell Badge #129                                      Rating (A) +

David Cardillo–Investigations Badge #145       Rating (A) +

Shawn Mayo Badge #235                                    Rating (A) +

Bryan Krivitz Badge #313                                    Rating (A) +


Harley Cagle Badge #255                                    Rating    (A) +                               

Matthew Chaney Badge #243                            Rating    (A) +                            

Scott Conrad  Badge #156                                  Rating     (A) +                             

Pat Curry Badge #159                                         Rating      (A) +                          

Riley Finnegan–Investigations Badge #296     Rating (F) –   This Sergeant is a threat and danger to public safety and can not be trusted by the public.   Lieutenant Riley Finnegan was promoted from Sergeant and now promoted to the rank of  Lieutenant. Finnegan was hired in 2006 with the City of Billings as a Police Officer and worked alongside his brother who also was a police officer, but sadly ended his career committing suicide. For some time Riley Finnegan was the Sgt. of the Street Crime Unit. In 2018 was awarded Supervisor of the year 2018.  Regardless of this pole climbing, Finnegan also has a dark side.  Over 200 complaints have come into the Montana News about this Officer.  That is why Finnegan is still listed under the Billings Police Ratings as a cop that the public can not trust. and still maintains an (F) rating.

Jason Gartner Badge #44      Rating   (A)+

Mitch Hart  Badge #54                                         Rating   (A) +

Justin Jagers  Badge #253                                  Rating (A) +

Bryan Krivitz Badge #313                                    Rating   (A) +

Matthew Lennick Badge #306                          Rating  (A) +

Clyded Reid   Badge #198                                   Rating   (A) +

Nathan West  Badge #318                                 Rating  (A) +

Shane Winden Badge #254                               Rating  (F) –  listed as a danger to public safety Brandon Wooley Badge #320                           Rating  (F – listed as a danger to public safety


Denise Baum  Badge #258                               Rating (A)+++

Earl Campbell Badge #228                               Rating (A)+

Jeff Chartier  Badge #133                                 Rating (A)+

Jeremy Dennler Badge #312                           Rating (A)+

Steven Fueurstein  Badge #37                       Rating (A) + This Officer won a Million+  Dollar  settlement Against the City of Billings and the Billings Police Department.  This is a GOOD Officer.
James Gartner  Badge #128                           Rating (A) +

Steve Hallam  Badge #282                             Rating (F) –   This Detective is a threat to the public safety and can not be trusted.  He is dangerous  to  the public welfare and security.     He consistently, projects a self righteous bad attitude towards all members of the public. Hallam openly promotes Cops vs. the public.  Public Beware of this man.                 

Brett Kruger Badge #224                               Rating (A)+

Ryan Kramer badge#429                               Rating (A)

David Raschkow badge#383                        Rating (A)

Tanner Buechler badge #321                       Rating (A)


Kathy Brown Badge #487               Rating (A) This Officer Shot Jacob Kane Bradley in the back with a Taser                  
Hunter Cook Badge #483                              Rating (A)

Kevin Rockwell Badge #478                          Rating (A)

Jayden Romero Badge #485                         Rating (A)

Dustin Stroble Badge #482                           Rating (A)

Dylan Sutton Badge #459                             Rating (A)

Seth Weston III Badge #486                         Rating (A)

Patrol Division:

Brian Abel badge #***            Rating (A)

Jeremiah Adams Badge#430 Rating (F)   Listed as a danger to public safety–can not be trusted Officer Adams is being researched for a rating to be applied to this officer.  Billings Police Officer Jeremiah Adams step in the way of an oncoming car when he threw out a spike strip and was hit by the passing 14-year old boy who was trying to evade the spike strips.  Officer Jeremiah Adams has a history of following Billings citizens for blocks and blocks.  Attorneys are reviewing tapes that were obtained in an attempt to see if they have enough to file a civil case against him.   Also Jeremiah Adams is alleged to be a racist police officer and will target minorities.    This officer is a danger to public safety and cannot be trusted.

Cache Anderson Badge #447 Rating (A)

Brandon Lee Anderson    #***   Rating F  This Officer has been observed behaving poorly in public.   This Officer also lies to the public and has recently had many complaints of being overly aggressive with members of the public that he comes into contact with.   This Officer can NOT be trusted by the public and is deemed a threat to public safety and security.  Public DO NOT trust this Officer and use EXTREME CAUTION when interacting with this Officer.
Clint Anglin Badge #395        Rating (C)  This Officer was caught in a sex scandal with an evidence technician.  This Officer still works for the BPD but has lost the respect of the public.  He is young so there is some hope for him.
Mark Balter badge#—             Rating (A)
Justin Bickford badge#—        Rating (A)    Officer Bickford is formerly from the Laurel Police Department
Benjamin Beck Badge #394   Rating (A)
Bret Becker Badge #301        Rating (A)
Michael Beechie Badge #439 Rating (A)
Jacob Best Badge #352         Rating (A)
Casey Bigelow Badge #458    Rating (A)
Tyler Bishop badge #421       Rating (A)
Jeremy Boeckel badge #390   Rating (A)  This Officer shot naked man, Randy Wayne Riley  in the back with a Taser. 
Jack Brundell Badge   #unk     Rating   (A)
Daniel Brown badge #17        Rating (A)
Anthony Carney badge #454  Rating (A)
Beth Chaffin badge #unk           Rating (A)
Todd Cylatt    Badge #unk         Rating (A)
Hunter Cook  Badge   #unk        Rating (A)
Nathan Contreraz badge #444Rating (A) This Officer is only a three year veteran and was involved in a shoot-out on 9/24/2018  No one was injured fortunately.  Nathan still maintains an exemplary (A) rating.
Gabrielle DeNio badge #415   Rating (A) Officer of the Year Award- Officer Gabrielle Denio Officer Denio became a Police Office in April of 2013.   To her credit Bagrielle Denio has  preformed the duties of a Field training Officer, Radar/lidar instructor, CIT instructor, Baton instructor and Primary Crash Investigator.
Lane Diercks badge #449       Rating (A)
Timothy Doll badge #397      Rating (A)
Ryan Donovan badge #448   Rating (A)
Lance Dollarhide                    Rating (A)
Aaron Edwards badge#443      Rating (A)
Matthew Edwards badge #412 Rating (C)  This Officer was caught in in a sex scandal with a evidence technician.  This Officer still works for the BPD but has lost the respect of the public.  He is young so their is some hope for him.
Robert Ellison badge #163       Rating (A)
Officer Farrell-Fox is being researched for a rating to be applied to this officer.
Travis  Fjetland                            Rating (A) 
David Firebaugh badge #398   Rating (A)
Tyrel Flammang badge #438   Rating (A)
Seth Foster badge #370          Rating (B)Matthew Frank badge#401     Rating (A)
Michael Freeman Jr badge #451 Rating (A)
Steven Gaertner badge #456    Rating (A)
Michael Gilluly badge#189       Rating (-D) In general this Officer is very deceitful to the public.   Word on the street is that Officer will sell his soul to the devil if given the chance. He has a history of making things up in his reports.  Many cases over the years.  This Officer has been caught red-handed trying to get people he interrogates to sign a blank sheet of paper, then he will fill in what he wants the report to say instead of, what the individual actually stated in the interview.  What a dishonest cop this man.  He truly is a THREAT to public safety and security.
UPDATE:  as of November 17, 2019  Michael Gilluly has suddenly retired According to those close to him.  Gilluly has been caring around some guilt over things he did as an Officer which, if ever made public would have destroyed his career.  Finally, Another bad  bad cop off the public streets of Billings.
Richard Gilmore badge#364     Rating (A)
Jacob Grommes badge#—       Rating (B-)
Glenn Gunther badge #346      Rating (A)  This Officer has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
Daren Haider badge #380         Rating (A)
Brett Hilde badge #484             Rating (A)
Tina Hoeger badge#76              Rating (A+)  Sergeant Tina Hoeger was promoted from Officer to Sergeant. First employed in 2002  Officer Hoeger finally made it to the ranks of Sergeant. and currently, as of May 24, 2019 can be found working the night shift.  Tina Hoeger has improved her Police ratings from B- to A+  Tina is the type of a cop that will be fair, kind, honest but firm when needed. Excellent public relations.
Tracy Icard badge#455             Rating (A)
Brandon Ihde badge#316         Rating (A)
Tony Jensen badge #348        Rating (A)
Michael Johnson badge#407  Rating (A)
Kodi Kaiser badge#422           Rating (F) This Officer Shot and killed Chance Mavity Sunday, Jan 20, 2019  This Officer is now deemed a threat to public safety and security as he used deadly force on another human life.   This Officer can NOT be trusted by the general public.  This makes the 8th Officer-involved shooting since 2015   The blame should be placed directly on Chief of Police Rich St. John who promotes and encourages his Officers to be anti-public / Cops vs. regular Billings citizens. 
Officer Kodi Kaiser, who is a 5-year veteran, was awarded the Medal of Merit for his actions on November 21st, 2018.  Officer Kaiser is alleged to have saved a suicidal subject threatening to jump off the I-90 overpass.    So one end of the spectrum, Kodi Kaiser shoots and kills a Billings citizen yet on the opposite side of the spectrum, Officer Kodi Kaiser allegedly saved a suicidal person from killing themselves.  In fairness to Officer Kodi Kaiser, his Billings Police Rating will increase from an (F) to a (C) as of May 24, 2019
Tom Keightley badge#278       Rating (A)
Colt Kirkpatrick badge #452   Rating (A)
Cory Kirkpatrick badge #392  Rating (A)
Tyler Kammerzell badge#—   Rating (A)
Lucas Knaff  badge#***           Rating (A)
Mark Keyes badge#—               Rating (A)
Dellon Kuntz badge #65          Rating (A)
Aaron Larkin                           Rating (B-) 
Micholas Lam badge #433      Rating (A)
Paul Lamantia badge#376      Rating (F)  was involved in Sex scandal and resigned once his name came forward to the public.  This truly is a bad cop and  was a danger to public safety when he was a Billings Police Officer. Lamantia voluntarily resigned from the Billings Police Force
Brandon Lange badge#434     Rating (C)
Jared Lausch badge#386       Rating (A)
Peter Lehman badge# 68        Rating (A)
Billings Police Officer Treyvor Malcom maintains an (A) Rating  with the public.  This Officer can be trusted by the general public and is NOT considered a threat to public safety or security.   Officer Malcom is formerly from the Stillwater County Sheriff’s Department.   The Montana News is researching Malcoms’ history in Stillwater County to update our Media Dossier files on this Officer.  Until then this Officer can be trusted by the general public and is NOT considered a threat to public safety or security.
Brad Mansur badge #442       Rating (F) This Officer Shot and killed Chance Mavity Sunday Jan 20, 2019
Amanda McKnight badge#405 Rating (A)
Ben Milam badge#375             Rating (A)
Robert Miller badge#411          Rating (A)
Todd Morgan badge#—           Rating (A)
Paul Morris       badge#—-         Rating (A)  Officer Morris is formerly from the Memphis, TN Police Department.   The Montana News is researching Morris’ history in TN to update our Media Dossier files on this Officer.  Until then this Officer can be trusted by the general public and is NOT considered a threat to public safety or security.
Grant Morrison                           Rating (F-)  This Office has now Shot and killed Two Billings Residents only 14 months apart.  One of the cases, Richard Ramirez Estate filed suit against Grant Morrison, Chief Rich St. John and the Billings Police Department and the City of Billings.   The City of Billings settled with the Richard Ramirez Estate and Estimated amount of $750 Thousand dollars.  Officer Grant Morrison is working as a TFO Officer.  This Officer is considered a threat to public safety and security.  The Public can NOT trust this Officer.  PUBLIC BEWARE OF THIS MAN!!

Katie Nash badge#283             Rating (A)
Holly Newsome badge#188      Rating (A)
Ryland Nelson    badge#—         Rating (A)   Officer Nelson is formerly from the  Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department in Hardin Montana   The Montana News is researching Nelsons’ history in Big Horn County to update our Media Dossier files on this Officer.  Until then this Officer can be trusted by the general public and is NOT considered a threat to public safety or security.
Anthony Nichols badge#362    Rating (A)
David Nienhuis  badge#445     Rating (A)
James Nyquist badge #191      Rating (A)
Garrett Peterson badge#371     Rating (A)
Justin Prindle       badge#___      Rating (A)
John Pearson      Badge#****        Rating (A)
Samantha Puckett badge #379    Rating (A+) Samantha Puckett has brought her Police Ratings up to an (A+)  Excellent public relations.
David Punt badge#92                  Rating (A)
Moses Richardson badge#357      Rating (A)
Jeffery Richter badge#428            Rating (A)
Justin Robidoux badge#***            Rating (A)
Bradley Ross badge#262              Rating (A)
Andrew Sanders badge#402         Rating (A)
Nathanial Schara badge #450      Rating (A)
Eric Schnelbach badge   #424      Rating (A)
Joshua Schoening badge #359     Rating (F) No longer works for the Billings Police Department.  This Officer was caught Driving and drinking and was found guilty in a Court of Law.  Billings Police Chief Rich St. John tried in Vain to interfere with the duties of POST.  In-Fact the Chief stated in a letter that his officers were above the Law and “POST over stepped their boundaries when Disciplining his Officers.”
Caleb Schultz badge #436           Drops from an A rating to a (C) rating.    Billings Officer Caleb Schultz’s police rating was dropped to a (C) due to the fact that it has become apparent that he is a dishonest cop.  Case and point  On 9/7/2020 at about 11:00p.m. Officer Caleb Schultz was dispatched to the 100 block of North 23rd street for a vehicle that was circling the block.  Caller heard a crash, unknown plate, unknown vehicle.  In Police narrative notes, they were actually looking for a black Nissan.   Officer Caleb Schultz pulled over a business man driving a Mercedes, lied to the business man stating “a call came in fitting the description of your vehicle.” When in fact a black Nissan looks very different from a light green/gold iridescent painted Mercedes.The Officer is on camera from several businesses that captured the incident on camera, harassing the business man and acting in an aggressive manner towards the business man.  A total of Three (3) cops were involved Officer Jake Grommes, and Officer Arron Larkin  counting Officer Caleb Schultz.   Billings Public beware of this Officer as he just makes things up and lies.  He is a very dishonest cop.  He is not a threat to public safety and welfare yet but if he continues down this path he will be officially deemed a threat to public safety and welfare.  
John Schweigert badge #103        Rating (A)+++
Michael Stevens badge#—          Rating (A)
Dustin Stroble  badge #—             Rating (A)
Daniel Shreeve badge #457           Rating (A)
Marc Snider badge #384               Rating (A)
Jairo Solorio badge#440                Rating (A)
Wanda Spaulding badge#257        Rating (A)
Tim Soucy Badge#___                    Rating (A)
Jeffrey Stovall badge  #432            Rating (F)  Jeffery Stovall was arrested for a DUI.  He was removed from the U.S.Marshals Violent Offender Task Force and the Swat Team.  He has been demoted to just a Patrol Officer and desk duties.  He is awaiting POST review where he may loose his Police certification.  Stovall’s Police rating has dropped from an (A) down to a (F).  This Officer was the 2019 Officer of the year….
Steve Swason  badge #157             Rating (A)
Philip Tanis badge#435                 Rating (A)
Jone tate badge #365                    Rating (A)
Kenneth Tuss badge#190              Rating (A)
Officer Unruh  Badge#****                Rating (A)  This officer is being researched to assign a proper rating based on public comments coming to the Montana News News room.
Robert Vickery badge#168             Rating (A)
Zachary Wallis badge#413             Rating (A)
Brian Weaver badge#425               Rating (A)
Sean Weston badge#361                Rating (A)
Chad Wildin badge#441                 Rating (A)
Mike Yarina badge #382                 Rating (A)
Brett Lapham badge#248                Rating (A)
Grant Morrison badge#374            Rating (F)—  listed as a danger to public safety.  This man is a Physical threat to the public well fare and safety as he has already shot and killed (2) innocent Billings residents 14 months apart from each other.   The last shooting was Richard Ramirez.  The  City of Billings settled out of Court with the Estate of the Ramirez family.  This man is extremely dangerous and currently is a TFO Officer..  Problem is, This Officer is himself mixed up with a drug ring and is not only a dirty cop but has killed innocent civilians who knew he was mixed up with drugs and who he associates with in the drug world.    PUBLIC BEWARE OF THIS MAN !!!  This Officer  currently is working as an undercover Officer and is a known heavy drinker.  Grant Morrison has disguised himself with a beard and longer hair.  Grant Morrison also appears to be in a relationship with Deputy County Attorney Julie Pierce.  Grant Morrison got divorced right after the shooting of Richard Ramirez.  His ex-wife and children moved back East.
Ken Paharik badge #88                  Rating (A)Codie Plotner badge#***                  Rating (A)
Michael Protain badge #144           Rating (A)
Michael Robinson badge#252        Rating (A)

Brad Tucker badge#199                 Rating (A)
Jamie Schillinger badge#192          Rating (A)
Bethany Schwartz badge#360        Rating (A)
Joel Watson badge #230                Rating (A)
Lance Weber badge#___                Rating (A)
Robert Weber badge#—                 Rating (A)
Brian Weaver   Badge#unk              Rating (A)
Shawn Wichman badge#281          Rating (A)
James Woog badge#124                Rating (A)

Montana News Editor’s Note:  Public Criminal Justice Information is defined in 44-5-103(13) MCA  Public Criminal Justice information “Originated by a criminal justice agency” includes: Initial offense reports; initial arrest records; bail records; and daily jail occupancy roster.  also see 44-5-103(13)(e)(i)(iii)(iv) MCA
The information on the name of the Billings Police Officers and their badge numbers fall under the Public’s right to know .   If you the public would like to have your say regarding your perception of the Billings Police, or individual Officer or how you have been treated both good or bad, please email the Montana News with the name of the officer and any experience you have had. 

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