Donald J. Cyphers, Convicted Felon, and "suspected" Con Man from should not be trusted!

Billings Woman, Shane Marie Seminole, was arrested and charged with (6) felony counts.

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Shane Marie Seminole Bookings photo

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Seminole Claimed She hid her METH inside of her vagina.

Billings police dispatched to the address of Washington street for a weapons complaint. According to dispatch records, Shane Seminole was allegedly in possession of a knife. The caller must have ad the phone in their pocket as it was hard for the dispatcher to understand.

The 911 dispatcher was able to hear multiple individuals screaming in the background.

The first officer to arrive on the scene was Billings Police Officer Fjetland. Officer Fjetland spoke to a small in stature woman who had a prosthetic leg. She was sitting on the living room couch, crying. R.S. told Officer Fjetland that her daughter lived with her, and that night, as RS (the Mother/victim) was sleeping. Her daughter barged into her room, turned on the light, momentarily leaving and then returning with a knife in her hand.

Her daughter Shane Marie Seminole held the knife against her mother’s throat and stated, “I’m gonna kill you.” She then slapped her mother in the face multiple times, waving the knife at her mother’s face. R.S. screamed at her daughter yelling, “Don’t.”

Shane Marie Seminole started to stab the walls in her mother’s room. R.S. got out of the room and into the living room and tried to call 911, but her daughter Shane Marie Seminole grabbed the phone away from her mother, R.S.

Shane Marie started to yell at her mother, “I’m gonna stab you bitch.” R.S. finally got her phone back and successfully called 911 dispatch, hiding the phone so that her daughter did not see it.

Shane Marie Seminole then grabbed a can of air freshener and threw it at her mother, hitting her mother in the chest with it.

Then R.S.’s daughter reached down and took her mother’s leg off, removing the prosthetic device entirely from her mother’s leg.

A neighbor heard the commotion and came to the door to see what was going on. Shane Marie Seminole rushed at the door and stated to her neighbor, “What up bitch.”

Shane Marie Seminole then started to slash using the knife in her hand, at her neighbor’s face and chest area multiple times, all of which the neighbor was able to move out of the wave of the knife.

Billings Police Officer Hilde and Billings Police Officer Malcolm assisted Officer Fjetland in locating Shane Marie Seminole. Once in custody, jail staff observed that Shane Marie Seminole was intoxicated, and at the Detention Center, Jail staff located METH in her shoe and a clear plastic baggie with METH and a loaded syringe.

Shane Marie Seminole also told the jail staff that she had more Meth hidden inside of her vagina. Seminole refused to extract it. YCDF, jail staff, did not remove any additional contraband from Seminole.

Billings Police Officer Malcolm did a NIK test, and the test came back positive for Methamphetamine.

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