Cheyenne Police Held Their First Force Review Board

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CHEYENNE,Wyo.— On November 5, 2020 the Cheyenne Police Department held its first
Force Review Board meeting. The Force Review Board is made up of three members of the
community and members of the Cheyenne Police Department. The board will meet monthly to
review use of force incidents involving Cheyenne Police Officers. The following are the three
citizens on the Force Review Board that were selected after an application process through the
job postings on the City of Cheyenne website:

• Stephen Latham – Pastor Latham is a native of Cheyenne. He has worked several jobs
within city and state government, civilian organizations, and the military and recently
retired. Pastor Latham is a community activist and works wherever he finds the need.

• Mike Solis – Mr. Solis relocated to Cheyenne to manage a hotel in 2014. Bringing over
20 years of experience in the industry working with top brands, he’s earned awards for
revenue generation, pushed Cheyenne hotels to the top in their brands and created
profitability in hotels with a history of financial decline. Mr. Solis and his family
appreciate the sense of community we all enjoy in Cheyenne and have decided to settle
permanently in the area.

• Melvin Turner, Jr. – Mr. Turner has served as an administrator with the VA Healthcare
System since 2015, after retiring from the United States Air Force with 21 years of
service. Mr. Turner is married and has four children.

Additionally, Officer Greg Hutchinson was elected to the Force Review Board by his peers.

Sergeant James Peterson and Captain Jared Keslar round out the board. All board members
have attended, and will continue to attend, force related training as a team. The Cheyenne
Police Force Review Board is the first board to have citizens reviewing force used by officers in
the State of Wyoming.

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