Cheyenne Wyoming Detectives Receive Meritorious Service Award

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CHEYENNE,Wyo.—On June 24th, our department held our annual awards ceremony recognizing employee excellence for the year 2019.


One of the many awards given out that afternoon was a Meritorious Service Award, awarded to Detectives Jake Reiber & Detective Craig Sanne.


The award read as follows:“This award is in recognition of Detectives Jake Reiber and Craig Sanne for their outstanding effort and performance related to “Operation Fowl Play,” an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation, initiated and led by Detectives Reiber and Sanne to disrupt the flow of methamphetamine to Cheyenne and other regions of Wyoming.


Throughout the course of the investigation, Detectives Sanne and Reiber identified a drug trafficking organization operating between Jalisco, Mexico, California, Colorado and Wyoming. This organization was responsible for trafficking nearly 200 pounds of methamphetamine to the Northern Colorado/Southeast Wyoming region each month.


Their ability to strategically plan investigative and enforcement actions allowed for the successful coordination between eight separate state, local and federal law enforcement agencies to effectively disrupt drug trafficking operations of the criminal organization.


The investigation was conducted throughout the entirety of 2019 and consisted of 51 interviews, 32 search warrants, 7 controlled purchases of illegal drugs, 18 felony arrests, and over 4000 hours of enforcement operations, surveillance and intel/data analysis.


Detectives Sanne and Reiber authored over 350 pages of reports, submitted over 160 items of evidence and secured 12 federal indictments of key members of the drug trafficking organizations.


The investigation resulted in a significant local impact. Detectives Reiber and Sanne seized approximately $6,000 in drug proceeds, 11 firearms and over 7 ½ pounds of controlled substances from drug distributors residing in Cheyenne, who accounted for 11 of the 18 arrests.


Their level of effective communication, professionalism and cooperation with authorities outside of Cheyenne, the state of Wyoming and the United States has cast a positive light on CPD.


The investigative ability, attention to detail and the relentless effort demonstrated by DetectivesReiber & Sanne is nothing less than exceptional. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to their community is unparalleled and deserving of the highest recognition.


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