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Cody Wyoming Police Department News

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Syndicated by: Montana News The information provided in this release is based on calls for service received by the Park County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center and does not include the results or conclusions of any investigation that may be conducted based on the information in this release.

PRIOR ARRESTS: None at this time

November 18, 2020 ARRESTS: None at this time Total 911 Calls – 0 *==========================================================================00:12 Traffic Complaint 2011180001 Officer initiated activity at Maverik North, Big Horn Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Unfounded. *==========================================================================

07:56 Traffic Stop 2011180010 Officer initiated activity at Cody High School, 10TH St, Cody. TS – Driver warned for fail to stop at a stop sign. . Disposition: Warning Issued. *==========================================================================

08:03 Abandoned Vehicle 2011180011 Occurred on Meadow Lane Ave. Rp says that there is an older white Ford Mustang that has been left in the parking lot for a while. Has no plates. . Disposition: Assistance Given.*==========================================================================

09:36 Animal-Stray 2011180013 Occurred at 15TH St/Beck Ave. Grey and white domestic longhair brought to the shelter. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter.*==========================================================================

09:47 Animal-Stray 2011180015 Occurred on Sunset Blvd N. Rp brought in a long haired orange and white tabby cat. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter.*==========================================================================

12:53 Traffic Complaint 2011180036 Occurred at Beck AVE/19TH St. Rp says that there is an issue with the construction traffic diversion in the area and large trucks are having to swing in to oncoming traffic almost causing accidents. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================

15:21 Traffic Complaint 2011180050 Occurred at Eastside Elementary School on 17TH St. . RP says there was a brown 4-door sedan that almost hit there crossing guard. . Disposition: Completed. *==========================================================================

17:29 Nuisance Complaint 2011180057 Occurred at Shoshone Court Apartments on Pioneer Ave. . RP says that the apartment above him has been playing loud music for the last few hours. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==========================================================================

18:41 Attempt to Locate 2011180060 Occurred on Carter Ave. RP says that her two children 1 male 1 female were supposed to go to their dads, but never showed up. They left the above address heading “left” (east) with 2 other kids. . Disposition: Returned to Owner.*==========================================================================

20:06 Attempt to Locate 2011180062 Occurred on 10TH St. Rp’s ex went about 10 ago to pick up kids, they aren’t at address above. . Disposition: Returned to Owner.*==========================================================================

20:35 Citizen Contact 2011180065 Officer initiated activity at Paul Stock Nature Trail, Spruce Dr, Cody. Veh at trailhead. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

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