COVID-19 Delays TEDxBillings Event

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October 27, 2020 – Billings, MT – Local community health officials and the CDC recommend postponing or canceling community events over 25 individuals.  Due to the growing concern of the COVID-19 outbreak in our community, the TEDxBillings Executive Team has decided that rescheduling the event is the only responsible course of action at this time.

Having spent the better part of this year preparing for the event with our Executive Committee, presenters, sponsors, and event partners, we’re genuinely disappointed to not be able to host on our regularly scheduled dates. However, during this time we are reminded that when a community comes together and connects, ingenuity and innovation happen.  As a result, we have worked with our host sites to modify our date to May 22, 2021. Dates for the Salon events will be forthcoming as we gather more information and work with local health officials to provide a safe environment to engage participants in TED-like experiences.  

The health and safety of the community is of utmost importance to the Executive Team.  We want to thank all our presenters, sponsors, and community partners for their support, encouragement, and tenacity in continuing in the mission of “Ideas Worth Spreading” while we all trudge through this Pandemic together.  Stay tuned for opportunities to maintain engaged in TEDxBillings through virtual events and presenter social media take overs.

The presenters for the May 22 event:

Sherry Winn

Malcom Horn

Danny Wyrwas

Sophia Writsel/Dennis Nettiksimmons

Tim Pollard

Karen Miller

Sandra Gebhardt

Kevin Scharff

Chrissy Platt

Leif Welhaven

Anthony Miller

Daniel Kosel

William Henry

Zack Terakedis

Suzann Lankford

Clinton Shelton

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