Democrat Steve Bullock Sets new Fundraising record In Montana With $26.8 Million In His War Chest

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According to Brooke Stroyke, the Communications Director for the Montana Republican Party, Steve Bullock has raised a whopping $26.8 million in the third quarter for his bid to unseat Montana Republican Senator, Steve Daines. – This sets a new fundraising record in Montana.

18 days left before the final vote is cast and counted. The race for the Montana Senate seat is the most watched race in the state of Montana and many nationally are keeping an eye on this race. If the Democrats flip the state of Montana Blue and far socialist left, this could have a major impact in the National political scene. Montana Republicans are rallying to over come the Democrats well oiled, mobilizing vote machine.

This is bigger than Montana. Democrats are mobilizing to win this race and win the Senate majority. The Montana News will be keeping a close eye on this race and keep updating the public as the days get closer to the polls closing.

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