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May 28th report 

At 0736 hours, an Officer responded to the 500 block of Logan for a report of a female trespassing on the property.  It was reported the female was hiding in a utility closet.  The female was located and identified; it was discovered she had a valid warrant for her arrest.  The 29-year-old Helena area woman was arrested and booked into the LCSO jail for Trespassing and the warrant.   

At 1022 hours, an Officer was patrolling the 300 block of N Park.  A female was located on property that she was trespassed from the previous day.  The Officer made contact with the female who fled when seeing the Officer.  The female was later located and cited for Trespassing and Obstructing a Police Officer.  She was referred to Municipal Court.   

At 1449 hours, Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Raleigh to assist Probation and Parole officers with a search of a residence.  While on Scene, a female was identified and found to have two valid warrants for her arrest.  Additionally, the female was in possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia.  The 44-year-old Helena woman was arrested for the warrants, Possession of Dangerous Drugs (felony), Possession of Dangerous Drugs (misdemeanor), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  She was booked into the LCSO jail.

At 2315 hours, Officers were dispatched to the area of Roberts and Billings for a report of a large group of juveniles engaged in a physical altercation.  When Officers arrived, many juveniles fled.  Officers met with several juveniles.  At the conclusion of the investigation, two juvenile females were cited for Disorderly Conduct.  They were referred to Juvenile Probation.   

At 2331hours, an officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Getchell and Neill Ave.  The male driver demonstrated signs of impairment and was tested for DUI.  At the conclusion of the investigation, the 22-year-old Helena man was arrested for DUI.  He was booked into the LCSO jail. 

The Helena Police Department responded to 90 calls for service.  Of those calls, they responded to 7 crashes, 9 animal calls, 6 Disorderly/Disturbance calls,  8 Suspicious Circumstance calls, 3 theft calls, 7 Trespassing complaints, 2 welfare Checks, and conducted 7 traffic stops.

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