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LAPD Chief Hits Back At City Councilman Blaming Increase In Violent Crime On Cops

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A city councilmember representing part of the affected area went a step further and cited “over-aggressive police behavior” and the “inability of law enforcement to effectively provide public safety” as “leading to a nearly 200 percent increase in homicides.”

1.  LAPD Chief Hits Back at City Councilman Blaming Increase in Violent Crime on Cops

2.  Los Angeles City, County Debut Response Teams For Mental Health Incidents


Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore said the pilot program will be offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the city, with mental health vans stationed within each city council and county supervisor district.

3.  How much bias is too much to become a police officer? Experts fear policing law might backfire

“This is a tough one. What do you do if someone tests positive for racism?” Do you train them again? Do you fire them? There are a lot of unknowns about how this might look like,” Los Angeles Police Department Commander Ruby Flores, who is in charge of training, told The Post.

4.  Protester wounded by projectile is charged with assaulting LAPD officer


A protester who is suing the city of Los Angeles and several LAPD officers after being shot and badly wounded by a police projectile during a major protest in the city this summer has been charged with assault in the same incident.

5.  OFFSET UPSET: LAPD detain Offset for allegedly waving guns around in public.

Offset was not arrested by the LAPD, but he was placed in handcuffs. Many fans and bystanders recorded the incident and posted to social media. The LAPD confessed that they had the wrong guy.

6.  Jackie Lacey is a longtime champion for mentally ill defendants. But do her reforms go far enough?

LA Times

More than 8,000 Los Angeles police officers and sheriff’s deputies have also been trained in de-escalation or crisis intervention through the district attorney’s office, the report said.

Good morning

I learned this morning of an disturbing Tweet on the CM’s [councilmember’s] social media account which apparently was posted yesterday. I immediately called the CM and told him I was personally insulted by the content of the message and asked if he had authored it or was aware of it. He advised he was not aware of the post. A few minutes later he called me back and “deeply” apologized, attributing the post to an intern in his office. He stated the content of the post was not reflective of his beliefs, had already pulled it down, and stated his office would be replacing the post with a positive and supportive message.

I understand the message has already moved around the Department as one would expect given its inflammatory and insulting content. There is no excuse for it and I’m not making one on behalf of the CM.

I’ve personally discussed this with the CM and expect better. Our people are not to blame for the increase in violence and deserve his and others’ collective support and encouragement for the work being done each day for the safety of Los Angeles.

There will be mistakes and missteps by others. I’m committed to holding them as accountable as we are held while also taking the “high road” of allowing them to show in their actions and deeds just exactly how they join us in this endeavor of public safety. Lives are at stake and there is no space for rhetoric and political posturing.

Grateful for your work and dedication.

Chief Michel R. Moore

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