Laurel Montana Police Detectives And Montana DCI Investigating Shooting Incident

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The shooting that took place in the city of Laurel Montana on October 16, 2020 at 1229 hrs and in the block location of 1000 of 6th Ave is classified as an assault with a weapon.

According to the Laurel Police department, a report was received that a female indicating to the Police that she shot someone at her home.

Laurel Police responded to the scene along with the Yellowstone County Sheriff department and Troopers from the Montana Highway Patrol.

A male was located. 

The male according to the department does not reside at the home of the female shooter.

The male sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was immediately taken to a Billings Hospital.  At the time of this publication the condition of the male shooting victim is unknown.

The female shooter was taken to a hospital for a medical Evaluation.  Currently, there is no danger or threat to the general public according to the Laurel Police department.

Laurel Police Department Detective and the Montana DCI are investigating and processing the scene. 

If and when local Law Enforcement releases more information, the story will be updated.

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