Liberal Democrat Mike Cooney MisLead Voters In Debate With Republican Greg Gianforte

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In a release that was issued by the Montana GOP, Mike Cooney was fact-checked and caught lying to the Montana voters…but that is what Democrats do, deceitful to voters.

FACT: Cooney Received a 0.0 Score from the Montana Chamber of Commerce
In an attempt to mislead voters in last night’s debate, career politician Mike Cooney called “hogwash” when Greg Gianforte referenced Cooney’s 0.0 business score from the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

Hogwash?? Not so much… here’s career politician Mike Cooney’s 0.0 score in black and white:

With a 0% score from the Montana Chamber of Commerce, career politician Mike Cooney is the last person Montanans should trust with leading our economic comeback.

Remember: Cooney doesn’t even think we need a comeback in the first place!

Read the exchange below:

GIANFORTE: “This is a stark difference between me and Mike Cooney. Mike Cooney got a 0.0 rating from the Montana Chamber of Commerce. Let me just say, that is not easy to do. You can’t support a single pro-business initiative, 0.0. What that means is any particular policy that came forward that might have helped a small business, he opposed it. He has supported over $1 billion in increased taxes for Montana. So, who did you trust to get our economy going? Someone who spent their life creating jobs or a career politician who has a 0.0 rating from the Montana Chamber?”

COONEY: “Greg, you know that’s hogwash. And I just can’t believe you keep bringing that – I’ll tell you what, the record shows that on my watch 46,000 new jobs have found a home in Montana.”

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