Lost Hikers Found In The Missoula Wilderness Mountains

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Missoula County 911 Dispatch received a phone call Wednesday evening from two hikers and their dog who were lost in the Grant Creek area following a long day hike.  These hikers had items sufficient for a day hike but not enough equipment and clothing to stay overnight.  


Missoula County Search and Rescue was activated at approximately 10:45pm Wednesday evening.  Search teams deployed to the areas of highest probability based on the information provided to Missoula County 911 and likely direction of travel.  


911 dispatchers played an instrumental role in this search.  The hikers had a ‘911 Only’ phone, therefore they were only able to communicate directly with dispatchers.  In turn, dispatchers were able to relay critical information to ground searchers via handheld radios in real-time.  


Search and Rescue found the two hikers and their dog at 1:57am Thursday morning.  Everyone was in good condition and began the hike out through dense vegetation and creek crossings.   Search and Rescue personnel and hikers arrived at the starting search location and SAR vehicles at 5:19am.  


Search and Rescue reminds all those who recreate this time of year to plan for the unexpected; bring extra clothing, food/water, and communication devices (like cell phones or GPS units).  Additionally, creek crossings remain dangerous with cold, fast moving water and slippery conditions.  Always tell someone where you plan to go and when you expect to get back.  


Thank you to the SAR volunteers who spent their evening and morning on this search mission!

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