Meals On Wheels Volunteers Saved Elderly Woman From Fire

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Syndicated by: Montana News Volunteers from Meals on Wheels helped an elderly resident in southwest Minot exit her home safely Tuesday as her residence and garage suffered smoke and fire damage.

After arriving at the residence at 2000 1st Ave, the volunteers realized the home’s smoke detector was going off, and smoke came from the attached garage for meal delivery.

The volunteers helped the home’s resident safely evacuate and called 911 at 11:46 a.m. A neighbor also saw the smoke and entered the house to make sure the woman was evacuated safely.

When Minot Fire Department crews arrived on the scene, they quickly extinguished a small fire in the garage.

Crews also searched the home to make sure no one else was in residence and began clearing smoke from the structure.

The door from the garage to the home was open, and the house suffered smoke damage.

The garage suffered smoke and fire damage. No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

“The volunteers did everything right today,” said Battalion Chief Jason Babinchak.“

They quickly recognized the danger of the situation, helped the homeowner exit safely, and alerted the Minot Fire Department through 911.

They’re the heroes today.” Babinchak said the incident is also an excellent reminder to check smoke detectors for proper operation and keep combustible materials away from heat sources.

The Minot Commission runs meals on Wheels on Aging.

The program uses volunteers to deliver meals to residents ages 60 and over.

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