Montana Republican Party Sends A Big Sky Country, “Thank You Montana Voters”

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Montana voters, Thank you!

Last week, Montanans made their voices heard in the most historic election of my lifetime. Thanks to your votes, Republicans secured a statewide sweep and 2020 became a red wave election in Montana.

While we await the final results of the Presidential election, Montanans made clear that we want conservative leadership from top to bottom, and we hope the America First policies of President Trump continue for years to come.

Montanans can now look forward to the service of Senator Steve Daines, Governor-elect Greg Gianforte, Congressman-elect Matt Rosendale, Attorney General-elect Austin Knudsen, Secretary of State-elect Christi Jacobsen, State Auditor-elect Troy Downing, and State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen.

Alongside a Republican sweep of all our statewide candidates, Republicans firmly control both the Montana House and Senate. In the upcoming legislative session, the Montana Republican Party under the leadership of the first Republican Governor in sixteen years will finally change the way Helena does business and usher in a new era of fiscal conservative leadership in Helena.

With your time, help, and support, we were able to defend our core conservative principles and values that bind us together as a party – smaller government, lower taxes, stronger families, the free market, and a stronger nation.

We could not have accomplished this monumental task without your help. Every phone call, door knock, and donation this past year fueled our efforts to grow our party and elect Republicans up and down the entire ballot. There is no doubt that the Montana future is brighter because of your support.

So, once again – I want to say thank you. You helped reelect a great senator in Steve Daines, elect Montana’s first Republican Governor in 16 years in Greg Gianforte, keep the Montana House and Senate majorities, elect an all-Republican Land Board, and ensure future liberty, security, and prosperity under Republican leadership.

With Republicans at the helm, I know that Montana’s best days lie ahead.

For Freedom,

Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt

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