Montana Republicans Ready To Roll Back Democrat Governor, Steve Bullock’s, Night Mare With New Leadership For 67th Legislature

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HELENA – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after Montana House and Senate Republicans elected new legislative leadership for the 67th Legislature:

“Montanans sent a strong message to Helena in November by electing Republicans to every statewide office, including the Governorship for the first time in 16 years, and also grew our majorities in both Chambers of the Montana Legislature,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Today, the Montana Republican Caucuses selected their respective legislative leaders whom are charged with following through on the Republican promises we made which were rewarded with landslide election victories across Montana in November.

The Republican Leadership in Montana’s 67th Legislature is full of proven and effective leaders who are up to the task of delivering for Montanans on those promises, and who will work with Governor-Elect Greg Gianforte to restore customer service in Government and bring more high paying jobs to the state of Montana after 16 years of Democrat control.”

67th Legislative Session Republican Leadership
Montana House of Representatives
Speaker of the House: Wylie Galt – Martinsdale, MT
House Majority Leader: Sue Vinton – Billings, MT
Speaker of the House Pro-Tempore: Casey Knudsen – Malta, MT
House Majority Whip: Dennis Lenz – Billings, MT
House Majority Whip: Seth Berglee – Joliet, MT
House Majority Whip: Barry Usher – Billings, MT
House Majority Whip: Derek Skees – Kalispell, MT
House Majority Whip: Lola Sheldon – Galloway – Great Falls, MT

Montana Senate
Senate President: Mark Blasdel – Somers, MT
Senate Majority Leader: Cary Smith – Billings, MT
President Pro-Tempore: Jason Ellsworth – Hamilton, MT
Senate Majority Whip: Steve Fitzpatrick – Great Falls, MT
Senate Majority Whip: Doug Kary – Billings, MT
Senate Majority Whip: Gordy Vance – Belgrade, MT

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