Officer Luis Mota Re-arrested On Felony Burglary

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Today, Police Officer II Luis Mota was re-arrested on a warrant for felony burglary.  The arrested stemmed from below incident.  

The Internal Affairs investigation led the District Attorney’s Office to file an additional count of felony burglary, as well as, the original count of misdemeanor theft against Officer  Mota, which resulted in the issuance of a warrant and his subsequent re-arrest today.  His bail was set at $50,000 and he was cited out, due to COVID-19. 

                                                                                     case#  NR20025ti 

 LAPD Officer Arrested   

Northeast Area Police Officer II Louis Mota was arrested this afternoon on suspicion of theft.  The incident occurred this morning, while narcotics officers were conducting enforcement of an illegal cannabis grow facility.  During the operation an individual working at the facility notified an LAPD supervisor that money was missing from her personal backpack.  The supervisor took immediate action, secured the scene and initiated an investigation into the missing money.  A review of closed circuit cameras, installed in the building led investigators to believe Officer Mota had taken cash from the worker’s backpack.  The Department’s Internal Affairs Group was immediately notified and Mota’s badge, gun, and Department ID were removed as he was taken into custody.   

LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated, “No employee of this Department is above the law, and we will not tolerate any individual who betrays the public’s trust through this type of behavior.”  Mota was booked for misdemeanor theft and released on his own recognizance.  He has been assigned to home pending the outcome of the administrative and criminal investigation.

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