Parler, CEO John Matze, Welcomes And Thanks Parler Community– Calling Out Lack Of Transparency And Unjust, Biased Policies Of Competitors Facebook And Twitter

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A Letter from CEO John Matze
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 Dear Parler Community,Thanks to you, our growth has exploded.People from all walks of life, fed up with opaque, biased content curation, inconsistent agenda-driven fact checking, and manipulative algorithms built on data mining, are joining Parler to speak free.

Since Friday, over 4.5 million new people have created accounts, and engagement has surged. Over 5 million individuals were active on Parler yesterday, an 8-fold increase from daily activity just a week ago. Our session activity has increased by well over 20 times during the same period.

Facebook and Twitter’s suppression of election information was a catalyst, causing many people to lose their trust. But the movement away from these platforms was already well underway.

Many of you have been activists alongside us, calling out the lack of transparency and unjust, biased policies of our competitors, as part of the Twexit and Erasebook campaigns we launched earlier this year.  

Thanks to you, we are starting to make a real difference and so we expect continued growth as our thriving community helps more people discover real, unfiltered social media.With this type of exponential growth, there will always be growing pains. The last few days have strained our networks’ capacity and caused some glitches and delays. But we are working hard and have fixed some problems—while uncovering others—in the natural process of learning and growing.We are as committed to providing you with a great experience as we are to the principles of free speech, respect for privacy, and unfettered access for all.

The entire team and I are working to improve our product every day.In that spirit, while we continue to iron out the wrinkles that typically accompany rapid scaling, we will soon begin to roll out new features and improvements to Parler. We’ll help you more easily to find your friends and family, we’ll improve our user interface, and we’ll launch an exciting new tool that will enable you to better curate your own Parler experience around interests you share in common with other Parleyers.And that’s just for starters.

We’ll have more news to announce soon, so please stay tuned!Part of Parler’s commitment to your privacy and data security means that we build almost everything in-house, coded from scratch. We avoid using off-the-rack solutions or outsourcing to Silicon Valley as much as possible, so we can keep our architecture safe from data vultures.

This commitment to delivering a quality product that is consistent with our principles means our projects can take a little extra time, and we thank you for your patience. We’re working diligently to do this right, and we can’t wait to begin sharing these features with you. We think you’ll agree that they are worth the wait.Thanks again for joining Parler.

Together we will continue to stand up to cancel culture, defy authoritarian content curation, and reclaim the Internet as a free and open town square. Let’s continue to Parley—to decide what to read, write, and think for ourselves. We’re honored you’ve entrusted Parler to give you the tools you need to speak free.In Liberty,

John Matze

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