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Where The Hell Is All The Ammo?

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By Marc Kelley
Syndicated by: Montana Newws
It would be hard to imagine a more perfect “shit show” then the happenings we call 2020. As if COVID-19 was not bad enough, our nation is experiencing rioting in the streets of many cities, so called political leaders are siding with Marxists and calling for defunding the police, while still the spineless, self-serving, America hating, woke mob, lectures us on the need for tolerance, inclusion and repentance, for the sins of America herself. We have seen our businesses locked-down, violent crime skyrocket, and what was, hear-to-fore, a highly respected medical community, destroy decades of good faith through their own choice, not to tell the truth. If the goal was to scare the hell out of our people, the corrupt politicians, propped up by the Fake News media, has accomplished their intended objective. 
Once again, history has proven, those who fail to consider second and third order consequences in their decision making process, are often faced with a reality, they most certainly, did not expect. Politics in America has languished in a nasty pit of corruption and greed for over 200 years. Politician’s have always focused on the egocentric belief, power is achieved by the election to office. Once elected these swamp creatures believe they were free to trade favors for their own self-aggrandizement and are not accountable to the little people, the Founding Fathers called, We the People.

COVID-19, brought with it a crisis which has proven to be irresistible to the political class who believe, “a good crisis, should never be wasted.” Over the past year, our people have seen their freedoms, their rights, and their liberties, trodden upon with absolute arrogance and disdain. Many in our country now feel we have crossed the Rubicon, and a return to normal, is no longer possible. Evidence of this belief can be found on many fronts; yet ,perhaps the most telling of these indicators, is how millions of Americans are choosing to spend their hard earned dollar.

According to the latest ATF/FBI data, purchases of firearms are expected to surpass 20 million by years end. When this data is compared to the former record for gun sales, established in 2013, of 10, 844,792, even a myopic, Washington DC, swamp creature should be able to see, 2020 has brought an increase of nearly 85%, in the sale of firearms. While these numbers are interesting on their face, the question we all should be asking is. What the heck is pushing this demand? The simple answer is…the politicians, the media and the medical community got exactly what they wanted. People are scared by the riots, have lost confidence in the ability of local leaders to protect their families, homes and businesses, and because we still have our Second Amendment rights, we are arming ourselves in greater numbers than any other time in history.

If you listen closely, you can hear the ignorance of the self-proclaimed, enlightened liberals, telling themselves, the increase in the number of gun sales, can be simply explained, as the last vestiges of angry, white, racists’, clinging to their religion and to their guns. This explanation is readily accepted, because the truth, is in and of itself, horrifying to the left. According to Smith & Wesson, 9.4 million (approximately 40%) of firearms purchased this year, were made by first time gun buyers. Of this 40%, the overwhelming majority of these new buyers were in fact, women and minority groups, whom had never before felt the need to own a firearm, for the protection of their families.
However, a firearm, be it a hand-gun, or a long-gun, is of little use, without ammunition. This fact leads us to the very nature of this essay. Where the hell is all of the ammunition? To answer this question, we must simply turn to out trusty abacus. Consider the possibility that each of the 9.4 million new gun owners, wanted tp purchase ammunition for their new firearm, at the same time they purchased their weapon. Realistically, being new to firearms, most of these new buyers will not necessarily harbor the idea, for each of their firearms, a minimum of 1000 rounds of ammo, is a necessity. However, it would not be outside the realm of reality, they would purchase 3 boxes or 150 rounds of handgun ammo and 10 boxes or 200 rds for each semiautomatic rifle they purchased. A quick run of the math tells us, these ammo purchases alone, total some 1.6 billion rounds. Add this number to the other 10.6 million purchases from existing gun owners, who do believe in the 1000 rds per gun, ammo ratio, and we have somewhere in the vicinity of 11.2 billion rounds of ammo, purchased by private citizens in 2020 alone. Even the most ardent gun owner would have to admit….thats a lot of ammo…. but, there is no such thing, as too much ammo.

Given the shear numbers of firearm calibers available to the general public, compiling data on availability or estimating the total number of rounds presently in the hands of private citizens, would be more difficult than locating the Higgs boson, so, we will concentrate on the most popular calibers, everyone is looking for. Again, according to 2020, FBI/ATF data, the 223/556 and 9mm rounds are the most sought after calibers. As of the writing of this essay, a Google search for ammunition will more likely than not, direct you to the search engine know as, Ammoseek. Ammoseek compares the prices and availability of any given ammunition you are looking to purchase. Utilizing the data from this site, anyone can determine today’s average cost per round of 223/ 556 ammo is $ 1.10 / round, and respectfully, 9mm ammo is averaging .84 cents / round. Compared to the good o’l days of 2013, a calculation of Ammoseeks data would have reflected the average cost increase for ammo is just over 84% in 2020.
September 28, 2020, Vista Outdoors, Inc., announced it had acquired the whole of Remington Outdoors, ammunition and accessories business. For the price tag of $ 81.4 million, Vista Outdoors received Remington’s Lonoke, Arkansas manufacturing facility, intellectual property, brand names, and trademarks, and will begin immediately producing ammunition to help fill the nationwide shortage. While on one hand this is outstanding news, the reality of the situation is, on November 5, 2020, the CEO of Vista Outdoors announced the company has over 1 billion dollars in orders to fill at this time. In his statement to the industry, the Vista Outdoors, Chief Executive stated he expects it will require “one full years production to clear the backorders.” In the short term, with consumer demand far outpacing production, distributors are forecasting, an additional 12-25% increase in the wholesale cost of ammunition. 

What happened to all of the ammo? It is in the hands of We the People. Two weeks after our Presidential Election, we still have no consensus of the people, on who won the 2020 election. Yet no one has stepped forward to quell the anger and distrust brought about by four years of liberal attacks against the 70 million plus people who have supported, and continue to support President Trump. Countless stories are being circulated of vast cache’s of weapons and ammunition, stored in the basements, gun safes, storage lockers, and businesses across our country, in preparation for what may come. While I personally do not know anyone fitting this particular demographic, rumors of their existence are wide spread, and only time will tell, exactly where the truth lays.

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